Faster release and storage of documents thanks to the integrated OSLC interface between Polarion and Teamcenter.

Integrated document interface between Polarion and Teamcenter

The avaPLMinterface extends the integrated OSLC interface between Polarion and Team center.

Documents can be created and checked in Polarion and then uploaded as a PDF to Teamcenter and officially released. For this step you do not have to open Teamcenter separately anymore; rather, you can perform the action directly in Polarion. 

The integrated solution eliminates redundant activities and manual upload of PDFs, allowing you to release and archive documents faster.

Overview of the features
  • Create Teamcenter documents from within Polarion 
    (no need to open Team center)
  • Automatic creation of OSLC links between Polarion LiveDocs and new/updated Teamcenter documents
  • Synchronization of the workflow between Polarion LiveDocs and Teamcenter documents
  • Automatic creation of PDF files and upload to Team enter
  • Creation of new versions of Teamcenter documents from within Polarion
  • Standalone Polarion Extension: Easy setup of individual workflows for Polarion LiveDocs and Teamcenter
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