NX Simcenter 3D

Siemens Simcenter 3D is the leading, fully integrated 3D CAE solution for calculation engineers – from multi-body simulation as well as flow and thermal calculations to complex finite element models.

NX Simcenter 3D – completely integrated calculation and simulation platform

Today’s development divisions have to develop intelligent products that integrate mechanical functions into electronic and control systems, use new materials and production methods, and produce the new designs in ever shorter development cycles. This requires that current development practices for verifying product performance evolve toward a Digital Twin approach that allows for a more predictive process for system-based product development.

The Simcenter™ software provides a unique solution that combines system simulation, 3D CAE, and testing to help you predict performance across all critical attributes earlier and throughout the product lifecycle. By combining physics-based simulations and insights gained from data analysis, Simcenter helps you optimize the design and introduce innovations faster and more reliably.


Simcenter 3D provides a unified, scalable, open, and expandable environment for 3D CAE with links to design, 1D simulation, testing, and data management. Simcenter 3D accelerates the simulation process by combining best-in-class geometry processing, associative simulation modeling, and cross-functional solutions supported by industry expertise. Fast and powerful solver software support calculations for structural mechanics, acoustics, fluid mechanics, thermal analysis, motion simulation, and composite materials as well as automated optimization and multiphysics simulation.

Simcenter 3D is available as a stand-alone simulation environment. The solution is fully integrated into NX and provides a seamless CAD/CAE experience.

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