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Optimize your business processes and systems through the continuous process of avaDigiflow - with digital technologies and automation for increased efficiency and performance.


A reliable infrastructure is essential for the smooth running of your project. We support you with:

  • Evaluating project-specific cloud components, such as servers, network and file shares
  • Designing and setting up the infrastructure specifically for your project
  • Optimal server sizing in relation to your desired applications, your project team and the number of users
  • Setting up the infrastructure including network using Terraform (IaC) and with your source code in your own GIT repository
  • Fast and transparent provision by Avasis
  • Clean documentation of your infrastructure
  • Documentation of all passwords, provided via BITWarden

Rely on our expertise for a stable and scalable infrastructure that is tailored to the specific needs of your project.


We take care of the optimal preparation and configuration of your servers for the smooth installation of PLM/ALM so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Our provisioning and orchestration of the infrastructure using Ansible (IaC) ensures fast and reliable implementation. We’ll take care of the following for you:

  • Installation of all OS updates
  • Configuration of user roles and rights on servers
  • Installation of all required third-party tools
  • Carrying out various administrative activities
  • Clean documentation of the configuration to ensure traceability later on
  • and much more...

Your source code is saved in your own GIT repository and all passwords are documented and securely provided in BITWarden. Rely on our expertise for a smooth implementation of your required solutions.

PLM / ALM application

Experience an optimal installation & configuration of Teamcenter or Polarion according to avasis standard:

  • Perfect distribution of services and the respective application for the desired number of users
  • Efficient cost optimization of the infrastructure through adapted server sizing to suit the use case, e.g. use of two small servers instead of one large one
  • Cost-efficient and perfectly tailored solution for your company
Automated, environment-specific roll-outs with the avaToolsuite

Are you looking for a solution for automated and environment-specific roll-outs of your avaDigiflow applications?

Our avaToolsuite enables you to complete this task efficiently and professionally. With our expert knowledge and the support of our tools, we can ensure that your applications are always up to date and optimally tailored to your needs in the long term.

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