Mechanical, equipment, and plant engineering

avasis has been successfully serving customers from the mechanical, equipment, and plant engineering industries for many years. Many years of experience, a number of diverse implementation projects, and the industry-specific knowledge of our team of experts allowed us to develop best practice solutions that meet the specific requirements of these industries.

Digitalization for mechanical, equipment, and plant engineering

The product development processes in these industries are diverse. Engineer-to-order (ETO) up to MTS (Make-to-Stock) methods are necessary and applied. Machinery/equipment and plant manufacturers are facing a number of different challenges:

  • Different disciplines in product development (mechanics, electrics, electronics, software)
  • regulatory requirements
  • increasing tendency to customized products and many more.

These challenges preoccupy our customers every day. Therefore, the avasis team of experts focuses on the development and implementation of digital solutions for processes and documents that meet the specific requirements of mechatronics, regulations, standards, and customer needs.

We support the stakeholders of these industries in the introduction and optimization of specialized software solutions for the core topics – requirements management, product development, manufacturing preparation, digital assembly instructions, virtual commissioning, customer documentation, and other processes.

avasis best practice experience

Machinery, equipment, and systems manufacturers benefit in the long term from our best practice experience and our expertise in the following areas:

  • Development of mechatronic products and preparation of technical documentation
  • Implementation of regulatory requirements with a focus on Europe (CE)
  • Efficient implementation of standards and guidelines
  • Extensive knowledge of the software platforms Teamcenter and Polarion and their configuration as well as the design and development solution NX
  • Agile project management

Together with our collaboration partners and customers, we have developed inspiring solutions in recent years. These help you work more efficiently and enable you to use your capacities for the development of products.

By developing our own best practice solutions we want to make a sustainable contribution on three levels – added value for you as a customer, benefits for your customers (faster, better, cheaper), and support for manufacturers of mechatronic products.

Teamcenter Product Management Solution

PLM for mechanical, equipment, and plant engineering industries. 

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With our long-standing experience, we will gladly provide support for your digitalization project.

What our customers say about avasis
“We value avasis as a reliable, honest, competent, committed, and creative partner. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the successful, long-term collaboration. Keep up the great work!”
Jochen Magnes
Head of ITC, VAT Vakuumventile AG
“We greatly appreciate the collaboration with avasis. As a competent and committed partner, avasis has always been responsive to our needs and has provided us with targeted advice and support. We look forward to continued successful collaboration in the future!”
Michael Grabher
CEO, Swiss Can Machinery AG
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