Teamcenter Product Management Solution

The Phase-Gate Product Development Process (PEP), which guides your staff through the development of the new machine. Gain an overview of the status of your development. Distribute the tasks to your project team and seamlessly create the required customer documentation.

PLM solution for product/project management

Our in-house solution “Teamcenter Product Management Solution” will guide your project team successfully through the product development process. Checklist functionality automatically takes into account internal company and market requirements. Process steps and product management tasks can be planned and tracked digitally in a uniform and efficient manner. Thus, even interdisciplinary teams can be easily coordinated and are able to participate in the process at any time.

  • Relevant internal company guidelines, standards and other requirements are automatically taken into account in your product development by the templates.
  • By defining responsibilities, deadlines, requirements, etc., it becomes clearly visible which tasks are interdependent.
  • Our add-on module allows you to make individual adjustments – without losing sight of the “must-have” requirements.
  • All interest groups have insight into the current project progress and find all information consolidated in one place.
  • Documentation of any kind can be easily compiled at any time. Downstream processes, customers, suppliers, as well as specific documentation can already be considered and maintained during the development process
  • Changes, repeated reviews, development steps etc. are automatically tracked and can be traced at any time.
  • Take advantage of the direct connection of the solution with additional modules in Teamcenter such as Schedule Management or Polarion.
Interdisziplinär (1)

Provides specific views for each role, reflecting the way each user works, while increasing productivity.

Useability (1)

The module design is based on several years of experience according to best practice standards and features easy navigation and visualization.

Baseline (1)

Baselining provides the foundation for easy traceability and decision making for changes. Effects of decisions can be visually displayed at any time, quickly and easily.

Bindeglied (1)

Fusing all disciplines makes the progress of the project clearly visible to all. It facilitates capturing dependencies between the disciplines and enables seamless communication.

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Developed by avasis

The module Teamcenter Product Management Solution is an add-on module developed by avasis and requires installation and implementation of Teamcenter.

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