Regulatory Information Management - Today and tomorrow
15:30 - 16:00
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Overview of available solutions & upcoming changes

Standards play an important role in regulated industries such as medical technology and are the basis for the development of safe products. For a long time, they were provided in paper or PDF format and the content was integrated manually into product development. But with the new format of SMART Standards, the regulatory world will change from 2024 on.

Digital services for central management of regulatory information are already available, such as the automated interface to the standards database NAUTOS or the easy import of standard content using a ReqIF importer.

In this webinar we will show you

  • Already existing possibilities for an efficient management of regulatory information
  • The integration of regulatory data into our Polarion solution avaREGULATORY
  • How you can integrate data into your product development process and documentation in an easy and traceable way
  • What steps you need to take in your company to be well prepared for the upcoming changes through SMART standards.


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Sarah Panten
Sarah Panten
Strategic Business Development