avasis strengthens digitalization services for medical technology
  • avasis solutions GmbH established
  • Expanded offer for medical technology-specific Polarion solutions
  • Focus: Digitalization of technical documentation

avasis AG and avasis GmbH, both Siemens Smart Expert Partners, are expanding their offerings for medical technology customers with the founding of avasis solutions GmbH. Based on established Siemens Digital Industries Software products such as Teamcenter and Polarion, avasis offers industry-specific solutions.

The mission of the new company, which is located in Munich, is to accelerate digitalization in the industry in order to absorb the increasing regulatory requirements for medical devices with efficient software solutions. Its focus is on technical documentation, whose scope and complexity can no longer be handled manually.

To meet this need, avasis solutions GmbH develops and distributes specialized configuration packages for Polarion and completes the Teamcenter portfolio, in particular the Teamcenter Medical Device Solution from avasis. With this, the avasis group offers digital solutions for the entire lifecycle and all elements of technical documentation for medical devices.

The portfolio of software solutions is supplemented by a team of consultants from avasis solutions GmbH with extensive industry experience. They support customers in the digitalization of their processes and identify optimization potential for the implementation of regulatory requirements. On-the-job training enhances efficient application after implementation.

Digitalizing technical documentation increases efficiency within companies and improves the quality and transparency of information. It accelerates the approval of new products and the implementation of changes to existing products.

Thus, digitalization will enable the industry to free up more resources for the development of innovative products and improve patient care.

The management

"For more than 10 years, I experienced the inefficiency of our industry in documentation in product development. During my time as a Polarion Consultant & Solution Architect, I have accompanied customers over several years in the digitalization of development processes.

For me, Polarion is the perfect platform for the development of industry-specific solutions because it is easily customizable and seamlessly integrates into the Siemens Digital Industry Software portfolio.

The cooperation with the established avasis and its expertise in 3D CAD and product lifecylce management (PLM) is a unique opportunity to implement ideas for digital solutions quickly and easily with a powerful, experienced team across tool boundaries."

Lukas Vogler, Co-Founder and Manager, avasis solutions GmbH


"The European MDR or IVDR places many additional requirements on manufacturers and the necessary documentation. The effort for the creation, maintenance and above all the linking of content from different processes increases massively.

The complexity of information is meanwhile so high that it is not manageable manually. The need for digitalization in our industry is more present than ever.

That' s why we want to use innovative and regulatory-compliant software solutions to provide medical technology manufacturers with more resources for product development and reduce the amount of time and effort required for documentation.”

Sarah Panten, Co-Founder and Manager, avasis solutions GmbH


"With the development of the Teamcenter Medical Device Solution, avasis recognized early on the huge need for digital transformation in the industry and established itself with an industry-specific solution.

Teamcenter Medical Device Solution focuses on the management of the entire technical documentation of medical devices, including documents for development, approval and market observation.

avasis solutions GmbH works with the established Polarion software, developing its own solutions on that basis. With this, we are now able to support our customers already during the creation of the documentation. On the one hand we offer software components for specific processes, and on the other we also have the expert knowledge to advise our customers and implement the solutions according to their needs.

This is how the avasis group is expanding its solution portfolio for medical products and can offer a consistent digital platform from a single source, based on the products of the market leader Siemens Industry Software."

Ralf Thür, Co-Founder and Manager, avasis solutions GmbH | CEO and Head of Sales, avasis AG und avasis GmbH

A strong partner

In 2016, avasis became a Siemens OEM Partner with its specially developed Teamcenter Medical Device Solution, followed by recognition as a Siemens Smart Expert Partner. Based on this long-term partnership with Siemens, avasis can offer its customers reliable software products that are implemented by the avasis team in the form of industry- and customer-specific solutions.


avasis was founded in Switzerland in 1997 and started its PDM/PLM operations in 2001 with offers focusing on Siemens Teamcenter software. In 2011, the company also began providing Teamcenter especially for medical technology. In 2012, avasis GmbH was founded in Radolfzell as a subsidiary serving the German market.

avasis solutions GmbH was founded in May 2020 and is part of the avasis group of companies. Its product portfolio includes own Polarion configuration packages for the documentation of medical device lifecycle processes as well as services including consulting and training for the implementation of digital software tool solutions. The company focuses on the medical device industry and works closely with the other avasis group companies.

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